Technical and scientific knowledge

These days, much of the demand for translation is related to technical translation. What does this mean? Many translation companies consider technical translation to be translation of texts related to engineering (mechanical, electrical, automotive, chemical, petrochemical, etc.), such as machinery and equipment manuals, standards and guidelines, promotional and training materials, and technical reports.

Terralíngua takes this concept further by considering technical translation to be translation of any text that makes use of technical vocabulary. After all, isn't a medical text filled with specific terms and expressions? Legal and financial texts are, similarly, materials in which the volume of terms and expressions specific to the field is considerable. And any wrong decision may compromise the quality of the translation. In this case, the translator's familiarity with the subject is essential.

It is for this reason that Terralíngua maintains professionals in its team of translators who have technical and scientific knowledge in a variety of fields, including information technology, finance and accounting, law, agriculture, manufacturing, services, pharmaceuticals, and medicine, among others. This is, of course, in addition to other fields related to engineering. This is an extremely important distinction since the translator's knowledge in the specific area of the translated text guarantees a better quality end product.

Not every good translator is a good technical translator and a clear awareness of this reality is the force behind Terralíngua's continued efforts to diversify its team of translators. The company seeks qualified individuals who have strong technical knowledge in a number of different fields, along with the proper training, to produce translations that offer Terralíngua customers quality and a competitive advantage in terms of corporate communications.

Accordingly, Terralíngua works to deliver a quality end product that is focused on the audience for which it is intended, providing the customer with the best return for their investment in translation.

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