Desktop Publishing Unit

In the Terralíngua Desktop Publishing Unit, a team of specialist layout artists work in constant synergy with our translators. As a result, all the customer's needs in a particular project are met by a single team.

The work performed by the Terralíngua Desktop Publishing Unit aims to satisfy the growing need in the market for translation and localization specialists who are able to publish highly complex files. The impeccable quality of our desktop publishing work is based on the methodical organization of our work process and this is implemented in several steps. A project might start, for example, with a PDF. This is then recreated, translated and reviewed, before being formatted in the final language or languages and delivered to the customer, ready to be printed.

With the help of major technological resources and the latest programs in graphic design, the Terralíngua Desktop Publishing Unit is able to format technical publications of all levels of complexity, from simple text documents to large manuals or complex advertising pieces. In addition, we also prepare files of any language to be translated and formatted into any other language.

Even if the customer does not have access to the person or company that created the original document, and the only available format is a scanned file, such as an image or a PDF with the text to be translated, the Desktop Publishing Unit can still recreate the file in question. Since the file is incompatible with any text manipulation software used in the translation industry, it needs to go through the step of re-creation where it will be prepared for translation. The file is now ready to be worked on using computer-assisted translation software and once the text is translated, the desktop publishing team can reassemble the file, preserving the original layout.

For final delivery of material to the standards required by the customer, our Desktop Publishing Unit resolves difficulties such as handling images, spacing, special characters, graphics and specific fonts. The unit also ensures that the initial and final files have the same number and distribution of pages, only changing the language of the text. Due to the difference between the number of words in the original text and the number of words in the translation, the positioning of images and graphics may not always correspond to the positioning of these items in the original file. In such cases, our team needs to adjust these elements to the correct format.

In the final stage of the project, the Desktop Publishing Unit finalizes the file or files in accordance with the standards required by the customer. The project is then handed over in the manner requested, backed with excellent quality assurance.

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