Using the Portal

How about bringing together completed projects and ongoing projects in one place? A place where you can also upload files to obtain quotes, clarify any doubts and request information?

On the Terralíngua Portal, you can access the projects which have already been completed for your company, follow the progress of projects in the process of being translated and edited, and send files to obtain quotes, quickly and securely. If in doubt, view the name of the project manager responsible for your company's account and send an e-mail asking for clarification.

But wouldn't it be easier to do this via e-mail?

Most of the projects we translate and edit contain files which are too large to be sent by e-mail. Moreover, sending via e-mail does not guarantee the security of the information sent. We frequently translate sensitive company data such as human resources information, technical manuals containing trade secrets, contracts and other documents which include content that must be preserved. On the Terralíngua Portal, only persons authorized by the company have the login details required to view this information. Another advantage of this system is that there is no upload or download limit in terms of file sizes and files can also be sent in a variety of formats.

Only the company username and password are required in order to request a quote or download a completed project. Accordingly, different employees who need access to the same material are able to do so directly, at any time and from any location, not requiring the information to be forwarded internally. In addition, you can also view the amounts agreed upon and the date on which the project was delivered. If you are unsure of something, you can quickly find the information you need by performing a search by keyword, date sent, person responsible for the project, or quote number, among other available options.

In the case of very old projects, the portal also allows you to immediately request files. In doing so, the manager responsible for the project views the request and quickly makes the material available.

Visit our portal today and learn more about the features it offers.

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