Disaster Recovery and Backup

Preventing disasters from occurring is beyond our control, but it is essential to avoid the effects such events may have on our operations. Through careful planning, we aim to continually reduce service downtime and data loss, and are able to minimize the effects of a disaster.

In an unforeseen event in which company operations and/or computers are unavailable, our protection system comes into play. We have a disaster recovery plan that minimizes the disruption of operations and ensures a minimum level of organizational stability and orderly recovery after the occurrence of an unplanned event.

The definition of a disaster is any unscheduled event that disrupts the normal operation of a business. This includes weather disasters, significant events resulting from natural hazards (such as floods, tornadoes and earthquakes), and disasters caused by external environment factors (such as fires, industrial accidents and power failures).

Power failures are without question the most common events that we deal with. They can be caused by summer storms, lightning or accidents resulting in direct damage to the power distribution structure (cabling, transformers, etc.). In dealing with situations such as those described, we consider a number of factors including physical installations, equipment, computers, communication links, data files, and the services provided to customers.

Aware of the risks involved, Terralíngua implements redundant communication links with an automatic failover system, redundant data and voice communication between company offices, and a system to provide emergency power that includes high-capacity uninterruptible power supplies linked to the company servers, along with an electric power generator to meet basic requirements.

Backups of databases, project files and translation memories also have a key role in the company processes. The measures implemented include, but are not limited to, automatic and instantaneous replication of the database between the company's two physical installations, daily backups of files in ongoing projects to separate and remote units, daily synchronization of files between the units, and weekly backups of completed and archived projects.

With these procedures and policies in place, Terralíngua ensures continuity of services and uninterrupted assistance to customers.

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